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About New Orleans History Manual


After 150 years of cover-ups, calculated omissions, discrepancies, subtle half-truths, frauds, forgeries, falsified records, doctored documents, distortions, phoney oil portraits, retouched and digitally altered photos, and blatant lies, finally, the true history of the New Orleans Créoles is told.

New Orleans History Manual is required reading for everyone living in the United States. The information contained within these three volumes devoted to New Orleans Créole lineage, New Orleans Créoles and the military, and New Orleans Créole culture, solves some of the many mysteries and contradictions that swirl around the history of the Crescent City. This information will alter and expand your world view, as well as inspire you with even more questions.  It will make you see the history of the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America, Western Europe, North American Indians, and women, differently.

These three volumes are essentially the study of the genealogies of certain New Orleans Créole families. Genealogies supply the core information necessary to begin to pull off the cover that conceals the truth about the New Orleans Créoles and their enigmatic history.  Without genealogical trees, the true history of any group is dicey, and findings from this study would never have been possible.  Volume I consists of 169 genealogical trees yielding a total of 3,000 names that were all derived from two seminal New Orleans Creole families - Tio y Riera and Hazeur De L'Orme, and three derivative families - LaMothe, Rigaud de Vaudreuil and Dreux Breze.  In order to follow the accounts in Volume II and Volume III it is necessary to use the genealogies found in Volume I as a constant source of reference. 

All three volumes should be considered as one manual that consists of three, independent yet integral, parts of the same study.  These non fiction books will be followed by a novel that will tell the stories of some of the individual Créoles who appear in this trilogy in an epic historical format including events and situations not mentioned in the history manual. This will be the only historical novel of its kind ever written because it will be informed by the true history of the New Orleans Créoles/Criollos.  But first, in order to fully appreciate the riveting stories in the fourth book, one should have read Volumes I, II, and III as historical guidelines.  These three volumes should be used as a factual foundation and backdrop upon which to get the most out of the exploits and romances of the New Orleans Créoles/Criollos in the historical novel. 

Can the study of the 169 detailed, New Orleans Créole genealogies contained in these three volumes reveal the hidden and true history of the city of New Orleans and answer the following questions and much more?  The answer is a resounding yes!

What was the true origin of the people of color of New Orleans?

​​Who were the mothers of the people of color of New Orleans? Did the people of color of

New Orleans owe their education and wealth to the generosity of white fathers?



What was the true identity of the French Créoles and the Spanish Criollos?




Was Pierre Charles L'Enfant the name of the person who was the actual architect-engineer responsible for the design and layout of the capital city of Washington, D.C. and the design of the Great Seal of the United States?



Who established and made up the staff of the first Parisian-style, 100 member, philharmonic symphony orchestra in the United States?



Who were the initiators of the Louisiana Revolt of 1768, the Haitian Revolution, the

Latin American Independence Movement, and the crucial players in the American Revolutionary War?



What were the names and true identity of the French and Spanish officers and soldiers who made it possible for George Washington's Continental Army to win the American Revolutionary War?  Who were the mariners who comprised the entire force that singularly fought and won the decisive naval battle at the Battle of Yorktown?



What was the true story behind the Battle of New Orleans? Should Andrew Jackson get any credit for the military strategy, planning, and recruitment that resulted in the successful outcome of the Battle of New Orleans?



Who were the officers and soldiers who made the critical difference that enabled the North to win the Civil War and preserve the Union?


Did the Indians really sell their lands for "presents" of cheap trinkets?

Did the Indians lose their lands because they were out-gunned, had weak immune systems, and were clueless naifs who knew nothing about the art of war or the art of the sophisticated lie?

What was the nature of the Indian-African alliance during the French and Indian Wars?




Who was responsible for the political organization and strategies that engineered the ratification by Congress of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the United States Constitution?



   These three, meticulously documented volumes *, totaling 2,101, 8 1/2" x 11"pages

of single-spaced text, replete with pictures and photos, are the culmination of over

30 years of careful research.




*Library of Congress Registration Number: TX-8-033-644





Was Josephine Bonaparte, beloved wife of Napolean Bonaparte, Empress of France, renowned fashionista known as "La Belle Créole", a close relative of Créoles of color in Mobile and in New Orleans?


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